Pedagogical reasoning

In a world where visual and virtual have become vital, we are often without tools allowing us to decipher the images assailing us from all sides with some appreciative distance. Mercredi offers a pedagogical kit that will allow us to acquire knowledge using reasoning that combines experimentation, observation and understanding.

As we manipulate three-dimensional objects, we become the actors of our learning experience. The lesson becomes an experiment, not just a theoretical exposé.

Acting and observing before understanding: Each participant is encouraged to concretely discover and grasp the lines of force of Romanesque architecture as they are confronted to the challenges of the master builders. This practical experience aims at making the understanding of the physics element of equilibrium easier, and to acquire knowledge playfully with a view of better integrating the subject broached.

The practical activity, the questions it triggers and the concluding personal deductions also aim to encourage participants to develop their own space of personal reflection and to stimulate their critical aptitudes. The quality of this experience makes it a more general tool of comprehension, one that is easily applicable to other situations.

© 2007 AP De Vuyst